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Asure ID Connect™ is the revolutionary FREE photo ID software that allows small businesses to easily design their own photo ID cards and have them securely sent via the Internet to an Asure ID Card Service Bureau in a ready to print format.

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Affordable For Any Size Of Company.

Until Asure ID Connect, most small companies were unable to justify the cost of using photo identification cards. Now with free software and a “Pay as you print” approach to photo ID cards, any company can implement a card program

Big Security For Small Companies

Asure ID Connect puts the ability to produce photo ID cards in the hands of all companies and contributes to more effective security systems.  It can also open up a long list of other card application possibilities

Simple To Learn, A Breeze To Use.

A simple user interface and easy drag and drop design tools ensure that professional looking cards with customized backgrounds and logos can be produced by anyone with even minimal software experience.

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