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Simply ID Photo ID Card Software

Simply ID™ specializes in providing user friendly, cost effective solutions to fulfill your photo identification card needs.  Whether your project is large or small, they have the perfect package to help you accomplish your objective.

Simply ID Software*Design unlimited ID card formats. Import your company logo or other images. Add the provided barcodes or encode your magstripe cards. Also print multiple single sided PVC cards at once (Batch Print).

*Up to 20 fields of data and 3 images can be saved for each record in the database. You can update or reissue plastic photo id cards without that individual being present.

*Store up to 3 data images per record. You could store documents or checks associated with an individuals record or associate parental images with a student. Ideal for daycare/school services and parental pickup verification.

*Additional Simply ID Tracking Module will allow for card swipe transaction information per card holder. Even swipe a driver's license or military card to automatically enter the cardholders information into the Simply ID database. It comes with the card reader and hooks up to your PC!

*Additional Simply ID Signature Module allows for signature capture and signature printing in Simply ID. This module comes with the signature software and digital signature pad!

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