Designing and implementing a plastic photo ID card production system doesn't have to be drudgery. LexID is designed to make this process quick and painless. Whether you just simply need to create great looking ID badges, or if you need to link multiple terminals over an enterprise network, there is a LexID version for you.

LexID SoftwareLexID gives you full control over the look and feel of the software. You can design your own data entry screen, placing all image and data entry elements exactly where you want them. In addition to the standard text boxes and drop down lists, you can also add check boxes and option buttons to your screen. LexID provides a live, on screen print preview so you can view the finished photo ID card before it prints. You can print a single card at a time, or flag a record for batch printing at a later time.

ID Card SoftwareAnd if security is a major concern for you, LexID Pro gives you the ability to assign user names and passwords to control access to the system. In the LE version, you have even greater control over security with the ability to assign detailed permissions to groups or individuals, controlling access to specific databases and card designs, and even limiting the days and times that access is granted. You also have the ability to log and print full system activity reports to monitor who has accessed each area of the program, what they did, when they did it, and from which computer was it done.

If you need to setup multiple card production stations over a network, LexID offers several configuration choices. Both Pro and LE versions will allow you to setup multiple terminals sharing a common data source on a network. With LexID LE, you also have the option to add lower cost data entry and print stations using LexEP Expansion Pack modules.

For larger installations using SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2 environments, our IDMX version provides direct, native code connectivity, eliminating the need to use slower, less stable ODBC connections.

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